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Type: A (12mm Bolt Diameter)

A (12mm Bolt Diameter)
B (14mm Bolt Diameter)
C (18mm Bolt Diameter)
D (21mm Bolt Diameter)
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Free Stubborn Nuts and Bolts Without Damaging Bolt Threads! 

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Got stuck, rusted, damaged, or corroded nuts that can’t be taken out by a simple wrench or even a screw extractor?

This device splits stubborn nuts into two so you can easily remove them without damaging the bolt’s thread.

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  • Multi-Purpose

It is suitable for the separation, removal, and timely cleaning of damaged, rusted, and stuck nuts.

  • High-Quality Material

The nut splitter is made of high-quality steel, with high hardness and long-term durability, which can effectively extend the service life of the product.

  • Professional Craftsmanship 

It is designed to safely remove corroded or damaged nuts without damaging the bolt threads.

  • Convenient & Practical 

The splitter can work on the target nut just by rotating the nut splitter bolt. Anyone can use these segmentation tools to cut off damaged nuts and solve difficult-to-remove problems.

  • Easy to Operate 

This tool is very easy to use, you can prepare a wrench to help you complete this work without too complicated operation.

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  • Material: Steel
  • Nut Splitter Bolt Diameter: 12mm, 14mm, 18mm, 21mm
  • Suitable Removing Nuts Range: 9~12mm, 12~16mm, 16~22mm, 22~27mm 


  • 1Pc x Metal Nut Splitter

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